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Lab News

7/22/2020 SITL hosts first Intuitive training wet lab!

2/21/2020 Dr. Pier Giulianotti, Dr. Sabri Cetin from Department of Industrial Engineering at UIC, Dr. Liaohai Chen from SITL, and Dr. Fangfang Xia from Argonne National Laboratory visited Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering in Purdue University. The event is part of “AI for Robotic Surgery Initiative”, led by Dr. Giulianotti at UIC.

2/17/2020 Dr. Rachel Forbes and her surgical team from Vanderbilt University visited the Department and observed robotic transplant surgery in the hospital.

2/14/2020 MedithinQ, the inventor of 3D smart glass, visited the lab and signed a partnership agreement with SITL for a clinical trial of 3D smart glass.

2/5/2020 – 2/6/2020 Dr. Yuri Genyk from USC, a transplant and HPB surgeon from University of Southern California visited the Department and observed liver resection and robotic transplant surgeries in the hospital.

2/5/2020 - 2/6/2020 Dr. Liaohai Chen attended IPCA (Imaging Probes and Contrast Agents) study section in National Institutes of Health (NIH).

1/30/2020 Dr. Qasim Chaudhry, a transplant surgeon from The Iowa Clinics visited the Department and observed robotic transplant surgeries in the hospital.

1/14/2020 -1/21/2020 Intuitive placed a da Vinci SP system in the lab and 7 surgeons from General Surgery and Transplant Surgery Divisions received initial training to use the SP system

1/17/2020 Dr. Pier Giulianotti performed a Vagotomy lab using the newest da vince SP system.

1/13/2020 SITL lab and Dr. Simone Crivellaro from the UIC Urology Department hosted a da Vinci SP system training for Urology surgeons in great Chicago area.

1/9/2020 Dr. Wangshu Liu, a Surgeon from ShenZhen Hospital in China started his 3-month observership in the UI hospital and the STIL lab

1/7/2020 Surgical Simulator technology review committee (Dr. Pier Giulianotti, Dr. Antonio Gangemi and Dr. Simone Crivellaro) recommended to award Mimic for purchasing two new dv trainer simulators

12/24/2019 The lab is closed until 1/2/2020. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

12/16/2019 Mr. Dan Volz and and a delegation of 8 member from Medtronic visited the Department to further formalize collaborations between UIC surgery and Medtronic robotic surgery program.

12/10/2019 Dr. Ayman Al-hendy (PI) and Dr. Liaohai Chen (Co-I) received a grant from UIC Chancellor's Innovation Fund for developing a PET tracer for uterine cancer imaging.

12/9/2019 SITL signed an agreement to host intuitive training events in the new SIT lab

11/20/2019 Dean Mark Rosenblatt carried out the first robotic corneal suturing lab using the DaVinci surgical robotic system.


11/15/2019 Dr. Jim Kim, senior director at NorthGate Technology, visited the lab to expand the collaborations with SITL for a smart insufflator.

11/11/2019 – 11/13/2019 SITL held a 3-day robotic transplant training course for Dr. Plamen Mihaylov and his surgical partner from Indiana University Health Medical Center.


10/31/2019 – 1/2/2019 SITL participated 2019 CRSA Congress, which was held in Duke University.

10/25/2019 SITL hosted 2019 COM alumni reunion event. 14 alumni toured the lab and enjoyed practicing in da Vinci Si robotic system in the lab


10/14/2019-10/16/2019 SITL held a 3-day robotic transplant training course for Dr. David B Leeser and Dr. Pournik, Homayoun from East Carolina University Medical Center.


10/11/2019 SITL launched the first UIC-Argonne joint workshop entitled “Robotics and Digital Medicine for Surgery” at UIC.



09/30/2019 – 10/2/2019 SITL held the second robotic transplant training course for Dr. David Mulligan and Dr. Danielle Haakinson from Yale University Medical Center right before their first robotic kidney transplant case.


9/19/2019 US Senator Dick Durbin, together with Dr. Robert Barish, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, Dr. Mark Rosenblatt, Dean of College of Medicine and Dr. Enrico Benedetti, chair of Department of Surgery visited the SITL.



8/30/2019 Dr. Kevin Wang, a surgeon from Shin Kong Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, started his three-month clinical observership


8/19/2019 Delegation from Medtronic visit SITL and presented their state-of-the-art NIR fluorescence imaging system.

8/1/2019-8/2/2019 Dr. Giulianotti and member of SITL visited the Intuitive headquarter in Sunnyvale, CA to formalize partnership between UIC and Intuitive in developing robotic Vagotomy procedure and future surgery research collaborations .


6/31/2019-7/3/2019 2019 SITL held a robotic transplant training course for Dr. Anthony Canfield and Dr. Thomas Heffron from Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver.

5/31/2019 Dr. Pier Giulianotti, Dr. Frederick and Dr. Warso performed a robotic mastectomy lab using a Giulianotti retractor and da vinci Si system.


5/30/2019 Dr. Shane Erik Ottmann from John Hopkin observed robotic kidney transplant cases in OR and visited SITL lab.

4/5/2019 Dr. Pier Giulianotti, Dr. Sabri Cetin from department of Engineering at UIC and Dr. Liaohai Chen from SITL visited the Argonne National Laboratory to establish partnership in the area of digital medicine and AI assisted surgical systems.

03/20/2019: Dr. Liaohai Chen (PI) and Dr. Ayman Al-hendy (Co-PI) received a grant from UIC Chancellor’s Translational Research Initiative to develop activable ICG fluorescence probe to tumor imaging.

3/13/2019 SITL signed an agreement with Northgate Technology in collaborations to develop advanced insufflators and other surgical apparatus.

2/6/2019. The lab hosted the first FLS test. Congratulations to Dr. Lindsey Karavites for passing the test !


1/18/2019 Dr. Pier Giulianotti and Dr. Antonio Gangemi trained the residents from the Sinai Health System Hospitals in an open surgical training lab.



1/11/2019 SITL is forging a partnership with UIC engineering departments and the computational sciences division at Argonne National Laboratory to boost the surgical innovation research and effective surgical training. Details coming soon.

12/24/2018 -1/2/2019 The lab is closed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of 2019!

12/12/2018 The department held Lloyd M. Nyhus Memorial Lecture to honor Dr. Pier Giulianotti for his 20 years journey in robotic surgery. His presentation titled "My 20-year Journey of Robotic Surgery "

12/10/2018 After 11 month of championing by Dr. Pier Giulianotti, the most advanced Intuitive da Vinci SP robotic surgical system is delivered to UI Health --- the first one in Midwest.

12/7/2018 The design of SITL passed all design concepts, design development and construction documents phases. The construction will be begin soon and the lab is expected to commence in the Spring of 2020.

11/9/2018 The design of SITL passed the design concepts, design development and phases and reached 90% construction documents phase.

11/2/2018 SITL was invited to partner with two start-ups (Vergent Bioscience, Inc. and Cytoveris, Inc.) for tumor margin imaging during the Intraoperative Molecular Imaging workshop at the University of Pennsylvania.

11/1/2018 Dr. Antonio Gangemi and two UIC surgery residents are invited to the Robotic Surgical Skills Competition for residents in the Midwest area, organized by Intuitive.

10/26/2018 SITL is planning to offer regular Novice, Advanced and Master robotic training courses to domestic and international surgeon communities.

10/12/2018 During UIC College of Medicine Alumni Reunion 2018 event, SITL became one of the busiest visiting sites --- 14 alumni groups toured the lab.


9/26/2018 SITL further expanded the training activities in Transplant and started a series of “Train the trainer” labs for Robot Assisted Kidney Transplant.

9/21/2018 The design of SITL passed the design concepts, design development and phases and reached 50% construction documents phase.

9/18/2018 UIC Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) test center is officially established and open to accept FLS test.

9/9/2018 UIC and Medtronic signed an agreement to co-develop training programs for the new Medtronic robotic systems.

8/27-28/2018 The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) conducted a site visit at UIC for establishing a new national Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) test center.

8/23/2018 Dr. Pier Giulianotti sealed a deal with Mimic to purchase state of the art Mimic Simulator systems for SITL

8/14/2018 UIC Surgical Exploration And Discovery medical students toured the robotic surgical training lab.

7/31/2018 Local high school students toured the robotic surgical training lab.

7/23-25/2018 UIC transplant team and UIC Surgical Skills Lab hosted a Robotic Assisted Kidney Transplantation training course for the surgical team from Yale School of Medicine, led by Dr. David Mulligan.


7/13/2018 UIC undergraduate students toured the robotic surgical training lab.

7/9/2018 Dr. Enrico Benedetti and Dr. Pier Giulianotti, as well as Surgical Skills Lab will be featured in the UI Health commercial.


6/25/2018 Research fellows Dr. Gabriela Aguiluz Cornejo and Dr. Roberto Bustos received official Robotic Surgery Training from Intuitive Atlanta Lab.

6/22/2018 Farewell to Dr. Federico Gheza’s departure.

6/18/2018 88Keys To Cure presented a donation check of $7000 to the SITL



6/2/2018 88Keys To Cure presented a fundraising concert in the Moss Auditorium


5/30-31/2018 Executive team from Medtronic visited the Lab for co-development of training programs for the new Medtronic robotic system.

5/22/2018 SITL hosted a CRSA ADVANCED MINIMALLY INVASIVE LIVER SURGERY workshop, organized by Dr. Pier Giulianotti (UIC), Dr. Eren Berber (Cleveland Clinics) and Dr. John Fung (University of Chicago)

4/13/2018 SITL design team visited and toured the robotic lab.

3/23/2018 Dr. Pier Cristoforo Giulianotti and Dr. Antonio Gangemi trained the residents from the Metropolitan Group Hospitals in an open surgical training lab.


3/16/2018 Mr. William Kaafarani from Menacare visited the Lab

2/28/2018 The Lab hosted an education event with UIC Hispanic Center of Excellence students.

2/27/2018: The Lab submitted a SAGE application for a new national FLS test center

2/19/2018: Laboratory community outreach event: High school students from Adlai E. Stevenson high school, Naperville high school and Hinsdale high school visited the Lab. The students learned more about robotic surgery and had a lab session with hands-on experience in da Vinci Si robotic systems.

1/12/2018 Dr. Pier Cristoforo Giulianotti championed to have the most advanced robotic surgical system -- Intuitive Surgical da Vinci SP single port robotic surgical system at UIC

1/2/2018 The Lab welcomes Dr. Liaohai Leo Chen as the Research & Administrative Director.